the international boundless service (since 1996)
сервис, не признающий границ (c 1996)

  Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Paris, London, Milan, Cannes

VIP * * * VIP



  • VIP service
  • individual tours and business trips to Europe
  • monitoring to guests at international exhibition
  • organization and maintenance of medical eximination and treatment in private clinics in Europe.
  • shopping butler (assistance in finding and purchasing, to represent your interests at auctions, organizing delivery, etc.

  • V.I.P. preferred service program

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    Company SLECS (Simon Ladin Exclusive Car Service) for ever 14 years successfully working in the field of individual tourists. SLECS organizes and conducts:- individual tours and travel in Europe- Organization of transfers to any airport in Europe- to help purchase and registration of automobiles; - placement and support of participants and visitors at international exhibitions.

    In the year 1999 was organized a company STS Reise Klub by a subsidiary, whose main task is to group tourism, the sale of air tickets and others, as well as tours all over the world, ferries and cruises. Employees of the company are equally good command of Russian and German, thanks to the majority of our customers are Russian-speaking residents, tourists from Germany and the former Soviet Union. Other clients- they are representatives of German business and Western European tourists, same- barking to get acquaintes with Russia. In this direction , we are actively cooperation with Russias travel agencies.

    Our customers were deputies of State. Duma , the Directorate firm Aviaexport, KAMAZ, Vneschavia-export, the leading pop artists of Russia. Our company was accredited to the EXPO-2000 (as a transport company in the VIP- hall of the pavilion RUSSIA).

    We have organized the Greater shuttles technical symphonic orchestra of Moscow under Gorshteyna, meeting, accommodation and service members of the delegation, the mayor of St. Petersburg. The company participated in the escort and transport services Acknowledgment delegations of Russia and big firms in the Paris Air Show (2005, 2007, 2009), as well as at the air show in Berlin ( 2006, 2008) in April 2006 ,we were accredited as the official carrier for the Hanover Messe
    In the year 2007 ,our company has participated in the transport services , and is now an official- Inym transport agent of many famous artists. You can find more information (details) about our projects..
    The company has two American cars Chevrolet explorer ( up to 6 people) , Lincoln Navigator ( up to 7 people) , as well as all European cars- we are the partner of the largest companies in Europe rolling.